The City of Rocky Ford boards and commissions offer the public a chance to become involved in different aspects of the community. Rocky Ford City Council is supported by six boards and commissions, with many citizen volunteers advising City Council on various matters.


The mission of the Rocky Ford Arts Commission is to promote the arts within the City of Rocky Ford and surrounding area as a means to improve the quality of life and economy of the community. Learn more about the Rocky Ford Arts Commission, its members and meetings.  Arts Commission Meet: 2nd Monday of Month 5:30 p.m. Grand Theater, 405 S Main, R.F.


3-Yr Term - Term Ends Dec.31
Soraya Shiranlou  2020 10/10/2017
Alisha Knapp 2020 10/10/2017
Bob Nelson 2021 01/22/2019
Mike Shima 2021 01/22/2019
J.R. Thompson 2021 01/22/2019
Bruce Carle  Chair     (W) 254-7411 2020 11/14/2017
Laura Thompson 2020 11/14/2017
Nancy Wieder 2021 02/12/2019
Peggy Meyer 2022 11/12/2019
Francie Miller, Theater Manager Voting  

Library Board of Trustees

The Rocky Ford Library Board of Trustees endorses expenditures, submits an annual budget and report to Rocky Ford City Council, presents the library‚ program to the community, hires the director and delegates operation and management of the library to him/her. Learn more about the Rocky Ford Library Board, its members and meetings.

3 Yr. Term - Term Ends June 30
Patti Young                    President 10/9/2018
Krystal Arellano 10/09/2018
Jolly Rose   10/9/2018
Kathy Kniss 10/08/2019
Louise Garcia 10/09/2018
Cuco Ruiz, Council Representative 05/08/2018
Meet: 2nd Tuesday of Month  5:30 p.m.  

The Rocky Ford Museum Board of Trustees annually organizes itself and has supervision, care and custody of the Rocky Ford Historical Museum building and museum funds, employs a curator, and submits an annual budget and report to Rocky Ford City Council. Learn more about the Rocky Ford Museum Board, its members and meetings.Museum Board of Trustees

MUSEUM BOARD   4-yr term
4 Yr Term - Term ends Dec. 31   2/13/1995
Steve Carlisle-President 2024 01/02/2020
Dustin Bryan-Vice President 2024 01/02/2020
Jeanette Myers-Secretary/Senior Curator 2024 01/02/2020
Monica Martinez-President Friends 2024 01/02.2020
Donna Abert 2024 01/02/2020
(OPEN POSITION) Curator    
Rich Geist, Council Representative    
(5 Trustees)    
Meets First Thurs of Month 5:30 p.m. at Museum, 1005 Sycamore Ave, R.F.    

Planning Commission

The Rocky Ford Planning Commission meets as necessary in Council Chambers in the City Administration Building. Commission operates under state statutes covering planning commissions and zoning, and is in charge of planning (things like the master plan for the development of the City) and seeing that zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations as adopted by the City Council are followed. The Planning Commission also serves as the Board of Appeals for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings and its non-elected members serve as the Board of Adjustments. Learn more about the Rocky Ford Planning Commission, its members and meetings.

5-Yr Term - Term Ends Dec. 31  
Cris Ford 2021
Liz Fairchild 2021
Cindy Cowan 2021
Susan Jung 2021
Jolly Rose 2021
Per new rules &, regulations adopted  
5/28/13, 5 members, includes Mayor  
&, 1 Councilmember  
Rebecca Korinek, Planning Commmission Clerk  
Meet 1st Monday of Month 6:00 p.m., City Hall, 203 S Main, Rocky Ford  

Board of Adjustments

All Board of Adjustments are non-elected members. And meet as needed.

Abatement of Dangerous Buildings

Committee is comprised of ll Planning Commission Members.

Swimming Pool Commission

The Rocky FordSwimming Pool Commission was established to operate the Rocky Ford Swimming Pool in the most effective manner possible and to undertake needed improvement to the pool with fundraising, grants, and volunteer efforts.Learn more about the Rocky Ford Swimming Pool Commission, its members and meetings.

Ordinance #872 Term Ends December 31
3-Yr Term      
Marion Van Dyk Portner-retired chairman 2020 9/26/2017  
Gary Reed 2022 2/11/2020  
Cindy Abert 2021 1/8/2019 Chairman
Susan Bumstead-Smith 2020 11/14/2017  
Deanna Bierbaum 2021 1/8/2019  
Kermit Snyder 2021 1/8/2019  
Cheryl Hutton 2020 6/12/2018  
Casee Finnell 2020 6/12/2018  
Susan Jung 2021 11/05/2019  
Dayla Kreft Pearl 2022 2/11/2020  
Not less than 5, Not more than 11      
2 Ex-officio members, At least 1 Council      
Meet As Needed, First Baptist Church, 966 Maple Ave, Rocky Ford      

Tree Board

The Rocky Ford Tree Board investigates, evaluates, promotes and recommends projects with respect to the trees throughout the City of Rocky Ford. Learn more about the Rocky Ford Tree Board, its members and meetings.

5 Yr Term - Term Ends June 30    
John Dell 2023  
Ed Brown 2020 6/30/2015
Steve Culver 2021 6/30/2016
Jerry Sitton - Retired 2022 6/30/2017
Jolly Rose - Council Representative 2021 2/11/2020

Tree Board meets every third Monday of Month, 4:30 p.m. at City Hall, 203 S Main, Rocky Ford.

Otero County Landfill (OCLI/Otero Partners Inc. OPI)

OCLI/OPI meets every 3rd Monday of month at Otero County Courthouse, 13 W 3rd Street, La Junta, CO

RF Designated Council Representative  - Daryl Grasmick